Who really is an artist?

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Artist. To achieve this six letter word against one’s name a struggler has to almost win a battle against the world. Maybe its not like that for a few lucky ones who are number 1 in college then good luck embraces them with accolades and success from many eminent artists. Everyone knows the story about a successful artist, be it present artist or past. But, what about the hundred thousand struggling artists who fight everyday and everyone for their piece of work to be appreciated or at least recognized.


Surviving and struggling are not losers but are most successful than anybody. And I feel so because, they are the ones who stay true to their art while juggling with everyday work and responsibilities. Once success attained, very few can live up to the standard they set for themselves in  their struggling years. Attaining success and then practicing art is one story and recommendable, but people who are yet to taste success and are not demoralized but critics, art faculty and society and continue to practice their art the way they want to are called real artists. But we fail to remember the thousand, maybe because they are not as important. We fail to remember them maybe because we are too blinded in our own responsibilities to empathize with a struggling artist. People who break free from the tough bindings of society, subjective interpretations on what is art and how it should be presented; are the ones who are genuine to their art. Breaking away the norms what are ancestors have set for us is not easy, it is like putting yourself out there in the open ground and hundred thousand arrows charged towards you, only because your art still has not made its mark or because what you think is completely different.

With all due respect to the artists who are successful and the maestros who can never be replaced, I salute the people who are loyal to their art and who have put failure and success behind them to worship and live their art.

Aneri Sheth

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