When Diwali collides with Halloween – Diwalloween!? Interesting isn’t it?

The oncoming festivals of Diwali and Halloween have the whole world bustling through shops and streets in preparations for their big day – but these are 2 totally different festivals celebrated by different families in different countries. What if these 2 worlds were to collide? 
Here is a cartoon representation of what it would be like if one took Diwali, Halloween and a Touchtalent creator, put them in a blender and hit the start button!


The famous villain Ravana from the story behind Diwali is cool enough for the ghosts from Halloween. He watches How I Met your Mother after all.



The Indian God Rama – the destroyer of the evil who is always on the look out to hunt down villains scares away a man dressed in a ghost costume.


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Kumbhakarna – the brother of Ravana who loves to eat and sleep would give the candy collecting kids dressed as scarecrows a very hard time protecting them.



Who says only Indian kids love Hanumana? Even these little ghosts find the Bajran Bali – as awesome as their WWE superstars.


This Diwali and Halloween – we wanted to show everyone how festivals can bring out creativity like never before and how when worlds collide – amazing things spark off. We hope that all the people are open to celebrating all the festivals alike – and spreading happiness throughout the world in whatever way that they can – be it their Diwali at home and making diyas and ladoos or collecting candy on the Halloween night – let everyone have their fun.


Two of the worlds most celebrated festival Diwali & Holloween are around the corner. Let us all celebrate this festival season together with an Online Art Exhibition on Festivals from 23rd to 31st Oct ’14. 

Share your awesome creative work on Touchtalent with Hastags #Festivals #Halloween or #Diwali. 
Selected art works would be displayed to 60 million social connects of Touchtalent in 192 countries, through an exclusive online exhibition. Also, all selected artists would be awarded certificate of appreciation.


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Artwork by – Gunjan Ashtaputre


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