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What’s so Interesting about Black and White Photography

This entry is inspired from a brainstorming session we held recently at our office on the topic ‘importance of colour in photography’. We started with how colour can reinvent, revitalize and regroup the tone, essence and liveliness of raw pictures, but as the discussion matures, we came at a conclusion which is completely dissimilar to the topic: most of the attendees held they find colours interesting, but nothing can replace the awesomeness black and white photography delivers. What is in black and white that colour is not. With this blog, we try to cover the limelight feature of the discussion from the horse’s mouth – yes, the attendees who make the discussion worth writing, are expert photographers!


Viralability- attendee 1

Nothing is so boring like black and white, but believe me people are actually fed up with colours. The world is too colorful than the eyes can meet. For a break, our senses respond to black and white photography more naturally than colours. That’s why a perfectly clicked mono gets extended likes, shares, comments and engagement. We love colours, but because black and white photography is believed to be boring and less appealing, we absorb more attention to learn the reason and hence find better reason to love it.

Accurate handling – attendee 2

Black and white photography is hyped to be uninteresting by unskilled photographers. Truth is very few people can catch the essence of black and white. Black and white naturally provides end number of opportunities, but a photographer needs to be thoughtful to distinguish the idea from setting. Nothing can replace the attention black and white photography requires. That said, I won’t agree on any disagreement!

Exclusivity – attendee 3

Colours are surely ideal, but use of endless colours in photography kills essence, distracts subject from tone, makes message irrelevant while black and white photography is original, raw, exclusive. You get plenty of scope to highlight the subject, there’s no distraction – just a reason and device!

Impression – attendee 4

Colours are artificial, mono is so natural! Black and white imparts a dignity of impression to the subject. Impression can be catched, molded, modified in artistic forms suiting the photographer’s idea. Do you get that in colour? I doubt

Realty: attendee 5

Timeless! Black and white is! It transforms an image beyond boundary yet keeps it so real. There’s something about B&W that draws me in. Colour can’t provide you such an amazing feeling of timelessness.

Experimentation – attendee 6

Colours test your efforts as a photographer, not as a photographer. B&W provides you scope for experimentation. Catch whatever you want. It can’t be a master piece but it can be so interesting you would have never been able to do it with colour. Black and white photography is my passions because it teaches me become an artist first, photographer second.

What do you believe? Is black and white photography better than colour?

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