What is my FAULT if i am a GIRL?

When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life – Kofi Annan tweet

What are we doing to our women and girls?

As a society we ought to respect and protect them. Instead, we blame them, cast them away, burn them. Whereas, the criminals go on with their lives. Victims are further victimised by the system. They accomplish this by blaming them and making excuses for the perpetrator. In effect these myths perpetuate sexual violence because they play a powerful part in defining responses to rape and create an excuse not to address the realities of sexual violence. Are we not the most evolved and social creatures on this planet? All we do is talk about this issue but when it comes to actually doing, we all back out from our duties. This situation has to change soon or the whole human race is doomed. Following are some works done by creative people from all over the word to express their resentment on this burning issue.

#Photograph: Vengeance by Non Dani

girl vengeance-8416


#Sketch: What is my fault if i am a girl by Chandra Budhiraju


 #Painting: Save Girl by Sudip Majumder


 #Photograph: Trapped by Tanu Nejagal

girl trapped--17540

 #Painting: Stop Girl Abuse by Arshadh Jailany


#Sketch: Domestic Violence, Please Stop it by Raj Birdi

girl Domestic-Violence-please-stop-it--45370 (1)

#Painting: Female Though Imprisonment by Maria Erum

girl female-thoughts-imprisonment-134471

#Painting: Gang Rape by Brushes N Glassses

girl Gang-Rape-172862

#Sketch: Just one Question by Vinay Kushwaha

girl just-A-queStion-45677

#Painting: It is not rape it is murder by Karan Singh


Photograph: My Plight by Anshul Gautam

girl My-plight-56929

We all want this to change. But it won’t happen on it’s own. You need to work for it as the change begins from your home and your neighbourhood. Start respecting everyone as respect is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone.

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