What if Birds Can Talk the Reality?

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard tweet

Have you ever wondered how do birds communicate with each other, how do they express their emotions. How can just Cooing, cawing or chirping be sufficient to express themselves to their better halves?

We think that this is what they will talk, if birds can talk like us…


It was hard, but I’ve got it for you on lunch! tweet

birds Untitled_1


Do you remember those good old days when safe crops were abundant? tweet

birds Untitled_2


I wish I could recreate those green fields for them on which I grew cheering up tweet

birds Untitled_jbl


We are in the last few of our kind! Let’s celebrate the togetherness tweet

birds Untitled_6


Although he is trying to earn our new nest good finishing, only God knows how long will it keep us protected tweet

birds Untitled_3


Don’t give up on man’s ambitious settlement projects. tweet

birds Untitled_7


I hear some loud noises. We may need to move or we are killed by poachers tweet

birds Untitled_8



Did you like these? There are more such awesome pictures, sketches, paiting done by creative people from all over the world. Checkout more pictures of bird interactions and expressions on Touchtalent

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