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We are glad you have joined Touchtalent-an evolving community of creative people. We enjoy a virtual footprint in 192 countries from where thousands of artists visit our website everyday to upload, share, appreciate, and monetize artwork.


With Touchtalent as your single-source platform for some of the most happening creative content in the world, you qualify to avail a set of competitive features, some of which are mentioned below:

Post your original artwork

Touchtalent has been started to make creative content publicly accessible to all regardless of geographical limitations. We support sharing of creative content in four different formats (Image, Text, Audio and Video) under 19 categories including Painting, Sketching, Photography, Digital Art, 3D Art, Singing, Sculpting, Poetry, Literature

Get popular and mentoring help

Touchtalent is community powered. When you upload, and share your artwork, our content filters makes it publicly accessible to all our users and search engines. Which means your artwork gets increased attention and mass exposure, besides appreciations and suggestions for improvement. So, with Touchtalent, you get a reliable platform and users to share your most creative artwork and receive a chance to learn, grow, and improve!


Get a protected social media integration

Touchtalent has a deep integration with other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter. You can share your or others’ work using simple integration tools. The most amazing part of it is that you don’t lose the copyright of your work on Touchtalent. We ensure that your creation on Touchtalent and social media is protected. So, we ensure your original artwork is gets an increased social reach, while it stays protected from copyright violations.

Monetize your work or services

Touchtalent is open for anyone who has a creative content to share. The basic version is completely free for life. But if you are a professional creator, and have an exclusive set of awesome artwork to sell or have a creative skill for hire, we ensure you sell it to the most deserving people at a price which you deserve. You can sell your work or services on Touchtalent by upgrading your account to professional. Touchtalent does not charge any commission on selling or hiring

What you shouldn’t do on Touchtalent?

Post Plagiarized Content

We love artworks that are orignial. If you have not created it, please don’t post it on Touchtalent. Sharing unoriginal content violates the copyright of the original author and we strongly condemn such acts.

That’s it! We wish you luck and success in your creative journey on Touchtalent.

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