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Wawan Teamlo – Caricature Dream

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Our featured artist, Wawan Teamlo brings to you, some of the cutest and most adorable caricature’s you would have ever seen. All the way from Depok, Indoneasia, Wawan is not just an artist; he’s a musician and comedian as well!

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This absolutely cute caricature of Queen made me go “Aww” and just imagine, Queen and aww is hardly a word you would associate. But  honestly tell me, have you ever seen Freddie Mercury or any other member of Queen any cuter than this?!

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Speaking of cute, you have a really scary Jack Nicholson to go with all of this, remember “Here’s Johnny?” This picture is destined to give you the creeps, just as much as the movie did.

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He’s also featured a lot of politicians in his works. And they definitely look very adorable, I am suggesting you go look at them soon.

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 Also don’t forget to check out all those cute posts he has about football, some of them had me smiling, and also check out the super cute Selena Gomez one and the Owen Wilson one.

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And what’s more he would do your caricature for you, you don’t have to be a celebrity for that. If you don’t believe me, look at the endless number of caricatures he has done for people.

Here's Mr Presley in his scary avatar!

Here’s Mr Presley in his scary avatar!

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 What definitely tops as my favorite would be the one he has of himself, I thought that was very adorable in a funny kind of way.

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