Unusual Gift Ideas for Valentine Day


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

Disclaimer: No earthly gift can replace a promise of true love! Yet, since we live in a world where pretense and material play a functional role, at least initially, here are a few gift ideas for the big day! Read on! If you have ideas unmentioned in the entry, don’t ignore a comment. We love comments democratically irrespective of how weirdest, silliest, and funniest these are! :)

Flowers, jewelry, chocolate, and teddy bears have gone old fashioned. This V- Day give these traditional choices a rest. Think a bit different and settle on some unique and less-chosen ways to express your love.

Being unique in expressing your love doesn’t mean you have to be super hero or compromise with your comfort. Think about what can bring a smile on his/her face and you’re done! This is a brief list with some practically easy ideas

Quotes of Love

This will take a few minutes least. Gather some wonderful quotation on love they said into one document. Print, frame and gift! So simple yet so practical.

Goodreads love quotes

Photos of Love

What about collecting those candid moments you mutually spent together? We mean collecting the pictures your common friends clicked? Or the pictures you clicked of him/her? Make a collage of the pictures and create a memory DVD. You need not to be an image editor yourself to create an awesome collage of wonderful moments when you can Google tools that are made to do simplify your task.


Other simple ways:

  • Cook for your loved one!
  • Venture into a holiday getaway
  • Make a surprise two people, candlelit party

Last but not the least, participate in our virtual online exhibition exclusively for Valentiniers. Upload your work with the hashtag #valentine Or Add this hashtag in your existing work. That’s it!

Why do this?

The exhibition gives you the power to publish any type of art from anywhere. The only requisite is it should be related to love. If you have poem, picture, painting, digital art, song, sketch, photo or just any type of work that has a love connection; don’t keep it hidden. Publish it on our online exhibition for an immediate exposure. This not just works as an unusually creative gift idea but serves the purpose of letting the whole world know that you love someone and you’re proud of it

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