Tuesday Fashion Fix!

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Hey Everyone! How’s the week going so far? I am sure Tuesday’s not your favourite day of the week, since it’s neither the beginning nor the end. However, some of Touchtalent’s most talented fashion artists should help distract you for the time being.

So I was wandering through the list of hundreds of artists, and I came across this lovely lady from Greece.  A fashion illustrator based in Greece, Nereida is amazing!


‘The Siren’ with this creepy, eerie feeling about her, happens to be one of my favorites. The shoulder glitter is an added bonus, though. 


I think this picture is just beautiful in all that confusion that it is creating. A girl is shown seemingly held back by a lot of things or people, atleast that’s what I feel from the picture. I’m sure there’s a story behind it, but for now, the colours are making me want to experiment!


My most exciting pick of the day is a makeup artist, Chetan Kharkhanis, from Thane, India. Hauntingly beautiful and mysteriously eerie, his image are jaw-dropping works of art. Besides, neon is always an eye-grabber.


The quiessential Indian beauty with her exquisite kohl lined eyes, huge red bindis, elaborate jewellery, the long silky tresses and the big nose ring.


Inspired yet?


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