Tribute to Common Man..How These Common People Are Impacting Our Daily Lives?

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People in all walks of life have been beautifully captured by Kunal Khurana.His photographs tell  stories how people with these simple professions make an impact on our lives. We see them everyday yet we often ignore them but these amazing pictures will make us think about them. In their small and simple ways they bring changes in our life. Let us think how these people affect our daily lives.

The Road side Barber
He sits since early morning at the side of a busy street of Chandni Chowk Delhi doing his job with an old pair of scissors.
The Shoe Seller
He has shoes for everyone his eyes eagerly waiting to greet the next customer on the streets of Chandni Chowk Delhi.
The Shock Absorber Guy
He is contently at his shop with neatly stacked auto parts near Jama Masjid Delhi ready to serve his customers.
The Coconut Seller
You see him on the traffic signals and bus stands holding his tray filled with coconut approaching you knocking at the car window as you wait for the signal to turn green.
The Man Who Had All The Time In The World
He works day and night services and repairs your time pieces and makes them as good as new so that you never lose track of your time.
These pictures are indeed a tribute to the common man. We would love to know your favourite one and how they are affecting your life.


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