Top Ten Mind Blowing Works Created Using Ballpoint

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We all commonly use ballpoint pens to write but that’s not all, for an artist it’s an instrument to create great art. Ballpoint art movement has been attracting artists all over the world to express their talents through this unconventional medium.  Though these ballpoint pens are handy for a quick sketch the greatest challenge in this technique is that once a line drawn cannot be erased. The artists at Touchtalent have utilised this technique to produce splendid art works and it’s really hard to believe that these have been made using pens.


The Amazing Spiderman 2 Ballpoint Pen Drawing by  Arthur Cortez

African Elephant by Daniel Luis

Sketch by Noor SabaSuri

Beauty In Ruins by Shubha Biju



Portrait Of Selena Gomez by Iman Hawari


John Lee Hooker With A Ballpoint Pen by Marie Bouldingue

Ball Point Pen Art by Dhanushka Weerasekara

Robin Williams Ballpoint Drawing by  Roy Talion

Penwork by Zulfikar Aazeen


My Ball Point Pen Sketch ” Bloody Lip ” by Aarindam Debnath

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