Top Silly Excuses By Delhi Auto Rickshaw Guys That You Hear Everyday

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When taking an auto rickshaw in Delhi you might consider yourself tremendously lucky if the first auto you approach and the auto guy agrees to take you to your destination without any excuses. But each day most of us in Delhi waste millions of minutes convincing the auto rickshaw walas.  They give you the lamest excuses you either argue or go to the next one. Each day this story is repeated as we step out of our homes to go out. The posters from Yathish Asthana tell us the true story of the Delhi commuters capturing their plight. Have a look we are sure you must be familiar with these excuses. And for those of you who haven’t tried catching an auto in Delhi yet these may be a sign of caution.

We have hardly ever come across an auto guy who charges you on basis of meter. For them the best excuse of overcharging is their meter is not working making you wonder why meters were fixed in the first place.

Excuse #1: Meter kharab he

  So your destination is nearby and the auto guy is in no mood to take you there so he simply tells there is no CNG in the auto.

Excuse #2: CNG Khatam

Another excuse when the auto guy does not like your destination he simply says he won’t get any passenger back from that place making you wonder how lame this excuse is.

Excuse #3: Wapas sawari ni milti

And lastly if it’s late in the night the auto guy will not take you because he has to return the auto back to the owner.

Excuse#4: Auto wapas karna hai

So which excuse do you hear the most? Also we would love to hear how your respond to these lame excuses.

To address these problems cab services such Uber, Olacabs are emerging in Delhi and are trying to make our lives more pleasant just like Touchtalent. Yatish Asthana has done an awesome job by creatively expressing our daily experiences. If you have similar artworks depicting your experiences please share with us at Touchtalent

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