Top gears and tools for a wildlife photographer

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Shooting wildlife with your camera can be the most dangerous yet evocative art of creativity.

Clicking wildlife through your camera can give your portfolio a wonder collection of clicks

along with illicit admirable comments from the photographers. But beside camera what are

the other equipments which helps a wildlife photographer in holding a command over these

dangerous clicks and shoots? Take a look on the below list of essential equipments that gear up

a camera of a wildlife photographer to give them a thrilling experience of wildlife photography


• A good DSLR Camera and Lenses

A DSLR camera and appropriate lenses with different focal ranges are the primary

essential tools for any photographer. In case of wildlife photography, cameras with a

feature of full frame sensors and fast and large buffers are ideal. Coming onto lenses,

telephoto lenses are the most preferred category in it. Look for lenses that allow a wide

range of zooming and focusing speed.

• Tele convertors

After a good DSLR camera and lenses, another primarily important tool for wildlife

photography is tele convertors. A tele convertor is an adjustment that sits in between

the camera body and lenses thereby helping a photographer in adjusting the focal

length of a lens.

• A strap

You cannot always carry your camera in hands or in its bag. In wildlife photography,

there are many moments which are amazingly instantaneous. In these cases, a

photographer needs to be ready always for capturing those wow clicks. For this reason,

a camera strap is also an essential tool for a wildlife photographer. While selecting a

strap, look for one that is strong to carry your camera and comfortable to wear around

your neck.

• Tripod and ball head

If your wildlife shooting demands long hectic shooting schedules and distance shooting

ranges then tripod and ball heads are other must haves for your photography kit.

Where a tripod is used to hold large and bulky lenses, ball heads are used to make fast

movements of the camera and lenses. While purchasing a tripod and ball head for your

kit, look for those which are light in weight and can last for many years to come.

• A good quality carry bag

Besides all the necessary technical tools and gadgets, a photographer also needs

to own a good quality carry bag to carry all your camera tools and gears. Padded

compartments, water resistant material, solid nude colors, modular rotating belt are

some of the features to look out for while buying a bag for your camera gears and tools.

There are many other tools and gears which are required while going out for wildlife shoots,

but for beginners the above listed equipments are enough to get starts. For other equipments

you will get to know by yourself as and when you will progress in your shooting assignments.

Till then keep clicking and Happy Photographing !!

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