Tips For Wildlife Photography

Whether you are an amateur photographer or professional, wildlife presents the perfect opportunity to get some stunning shots. However, there are some tips you’ll need to consider before taking wildlife pictures in order to get the best from your photography shoot.


Photograph by Fareed Ahmad

Respect their Environment

This is perhaps the most important tip. When photographing wildlife you are going into their environment so you need to be respectful. You also need to be careful not to make any sudden movements as you might disturb the wildlife that you intend to photograph.


Photograph by Tyagem Creations

Use a Tripod

Wildlife photography often requires long waits until you can get your perfect shot so you’ll need to set up a tripod so that you are ready for the picture. You’ll need a high quality tripod that will allow you to hold the camera steady to avoid blurry images.


Photograph by Bobbirio (studio 8 Photography)

Don’t forget the basics

Remember to take spare batteries, a camera cloth and memory cards with you. Batteries don’t tend to last long in digital cameras and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect picture because your batteries have run out.


Photograph by Rajjib Hassan

Moreover, if you are handling your camera a lot, the lens gets smudged pretty easily, which can obscure your image, so make sure that you have a camera cloth to hand.

Keep it Simple

Keep the shoot simple and don’t try and include too much or the image will look too cluttered. You’ll need to determine what the most important elements of the picture are and focus on them.


Photograph by Vinod Rajoria

Invest in Lenses

Lenses are often expensive, but you’ll need to invest in a few of them in order to get the best from your wildlife photography. The most important investment will be a macro lens. Wildlife photography is extremely intricate and if you want to get that stunning image of a butterfly or an insect, you’ll need a macro lens to get every single tiny detail.


Photograph by Ayan Mazumder

Get up Early and stay out late

Some of the most stunning portraits are taken early in the day when the sun is rising, and the rising sun will make a fantastic backdrop for your pictures.

Moreover, some extraordinary shots can also be done when the sun is setting. This can also add atmosphere to your picture.


Photograph by Allan Fritz

Eye Level

Make sure your wildlife photography shots are taken at eye level as this will help you to get the best results.


Photograph by Shikha Deep

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