Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

They say if you can’t do anything great, you make it to teaching

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They are not wrong either. The profession of teaching is not great, but greater of all. Understood? You Moron!


You people are such a lucky lot. No profession rewards so long breaks, summer vacation and extra day offs

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There’re things called summer school classes, teacher’s training, advanced degrees, free educational tours – teachers spend their free time around such useful and wonderful things. We utilize our time to better train ourselves for the wellbeing of our future. Isn’t it better than spending holidays around beer, beach and sex?


Teaching kids text book is such a simple task. Anyone could do it

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If only you could stand in front of a packed class and impress each of the attendants understand a concept and solve the questions that follow thereafter

Teaching is such an escaping profession. You can literally skip a class, you can enjoy a longer lunch break – kids can’t correct you and management may not necessarily looking after everything. Cool job

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Wow! Sounds like we are paid for doing nothing, and there’s no one above us, let alone performance of students, agitation of parents, besides annual teacher’s review


Isn’t it cool enough that after school kids have to do homework while you enjoy – watching TV, going out for dinner with a date?

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If only you ever worked on grading exam papers, preparing on next day’s conference plan, articulating school magazines, and solving out paperwork that remained undone because of hectic school hours


You are said to make notable differences in the lives of people. But do students remember you when they grow up?

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Do you remember the best (in your case the worst) teachers of your life? You certainly do. So, how could you differentiate others?


If you are working at a government school on a permanent position with no conflicting engagement status, your life is set. Teach for life. And when you’re old and retired, enjoy earning you saved

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Teachers get fired as well, and we are not so well paid that we could enjoy our earning. But, we are happy with what we have. That’s what we teach to students. That’s what we implement in our lives.  Live minimalist.


With the concept of tutors becoming popular, don’t you think your burden is getting lower?

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There’s no substitute for quality education at school.


Why are you so strict? They’re just students

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We have hearts too. It is just that sometimes we need to put on different skin so that the unruly is tamed. By the way, being strict is part of a disciplined teaching profession


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