There’s a CHILD in everyone of us. Find out which one are you!

The Children’s day exhibition at Touchtalent.com is just around the corner and we are building up to celebrating the art and creativity of children around the globe at one single platform. We at Touchtalent.com believe that everyone has an artist inside them from the start and all it needs is a little push to help this artist foster from being just a hobby to being an integral and central part of their lives – and what better time to do this than when you are young and starting out in the world. Hence, we urge all of you to join us in celebrating this Children’s day and help us grown the exhibition into the largest online exhibition.

While you are working on helping us expand – we would like to entertain you as well. How many of you often find yourself in bed on a weekend morning – thinking about how simple life was back in the good old childhood days. No college, no work, no relationships. Just pure, simple fun. It’s this innocent and fun-loving nature of our childhood that we would bring back today – Can you identify yourself from one of these 7 characters?

The Artist

Did you always scribble on walls and the floor effortlessly? Always covered in paint or have your hands dirty with ink? One of the first few signs that you are a true artist.


The Lover

Always sticks around with all the other kids. Make friends everywhere they go – parents love them, kids love them – even the strictest teacher in school loves them. You love them too, don’t you?



The Nerd

They pick up the globe instead of the football and picks up books instead of laptops. Know more stuff that their elder sister or brother do. The Nerd.


The Tech-lover

They could use the mobile phone even before they learnt how to talk – their first words were on a whatsApp message. Has more robots than friends -the Tech-lover.



The Bully

Never share their chocolates with anyone – but if anyone doesn’t share their chocolates with them – get ready to get bullied.



The Unhygienic

Always ruining all parties and marriages with their constant crying and cribbing. They ruin all carpets and doormats so hiding them would be a good option. And careful when one of them climbs into your lap – you never know what’s next.The-Unhygenic-digital-art-334023

 Artwork by Ankur Chaurdhary

Ankur has been curating amazing artwork for most of the blogs at Touchtalent.com and has been a huge hit among readers across the globe. He does everything from doodles to art work to cartoon – and is mostly working with funny and meaningful cartoons for specific occasions at Touchtalent.com.

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