The Artist Space and the spiritual journey

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A couple of months ago I had blogged about how hard it was to make a work space in a fairly small living space. To say the least it took me all these months to finally get it done. I managed to create a small space in the corner of my bedroom. It certainly not a space anyone would think of as an artist’ space. However, whenever I’m there I feel like I’m another place and time. I’m free to just let all my thoughts be free and to just do whatever comes to mind. The whole process is just so much like just letting it all out. Sometimes you may not be writing or even creating a piece that is pleasing. But it is something you feel compelled to create.

I have seen many interesting, beautiful,  pieces of art  here at Touchtalent filled with what I can only describe a sense of conviction, intuition, and just a sense of bearing it out to the world. The reason that having this small space for me to work is  important is that somehow you just feel free to create those things you might not otherwise be able to express any other way.

It is interesting to me that some people say that they are not professionals and to me they must have had quite a spiritual journey and their work shows that intensity, dedication, and beauty.  For me it is always so interesting and exciting whenever someone finds that they like some of my pieces over others.  Sometimes I say to myself but I thought that other piece was better. But I guess that is just the point.  The journey of creating is spiritual and so is the viewing of it.


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