Ten Adorable Masterpieces By Children Below 10 Years

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Art work created by the innocent hands of a child is the purest form of creativity as it comes right from their hearts. The children art works are undoubtedly the most precious piece of art. Art is an excellent medium to inspire children to express themselves freely right from an early age. It is an effective way for children to connect with their emotions. Touchtalent presents you these fine masterpieces created by great love and you wouldn’t believe these young artists are below 10 years of age.


Posing for the photo holding her masterpiece in her hand.This is Rion’s artwork posted by Pao Ruiz.

Painting for the first time this painting is made by class 3 kid posted by Vipin Kc

Lovely leafy tree by 5 year old Arhant .

Cute colorful sketch by Megha (6 years) of a rainy day posted by Chandra Budhiraju

Can you believe this photograph was shot by Alexandra Izabel who is just 8 years old.

Awesome painting made by 9 year old Keya Srivastava

This thankyou card is created by Yelezq’El who is 8 years old posted by Brian Leverton.

Child’s view of the sun set this painting was painted by Maylin 5 years old posted by Brian Leverton

Arita Chakraborty has made a beautiful village scene using oil pastels posted by Simon Mitra


Krishna by6 years old Shivanshi Sahay.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.~Pablo Picasso


Tell us which are the ones you make every time?If you are an artist  please share your art with us on the largest platform for creative people at Touchtalent

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