Teachers Who Shaped My Life


As we prepare to start celebrating Teachers’ Day during 3rd to 5th September, 2014, we are delighted to inform you that entries for the online exhibition have started coming in. We welcome you all to submit your entries for the online exhibition with a hashtag #Tribute2Teacher and present to you some stories that remind us of our teachers.


T for Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

She was an English teacher in my primary school, and the most enchanting personality who inspired me a lot at a tender age. She was concerned about all practical matters of development of children in the school, and was truthful when it came to sharing all news, un-edited. She believed in calling a spade a spade, encouraged rational discussion among students and teachers, allowed freedom of action and speech with a sense of dignity and mutual-respect towards everyone. She was musically talented, and used to sing and teach various kinds of songs to all of us. On one of my ‘creative moments’ as a 11-year old kid, I approached her to express my interest in reciting a speech for the school assembly on Independence Day, and she gave me a thoughtful response to that request. She said she’d have to re-look at the schedule already chalked out for the day, and assured me that she’d examine what she can do, to consider my request. After a day or two, she gave me the permission, and a new chapter of “renewed self-confidence” unfolded in my life. tweet


E of Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

My Mathematics teacher in school provided with the most excellent classroom sessions. There was something about his wrist-watch; the watch that always gave some trouble, and my teacher weaved stories around how a wrist watch was invented, and what all features are technically irrelevant. In the Geometry classes, to make the students effectively grasp the concepts, he would exemplify his ‘wrist-watch’ tales, and that would make the lessons more enjoyable to learn and remember! tweet


A of Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

Am reminded of the genius of my ‘Drawing’ teacher in school. Even in a class-size of 20+ students, he had equal attention for everyone. His sketches and paintings were so original that inspired me to fully utilize every second spent at representing them on my drawing-notebook, in my desire to make them come alive! My drawing teacher was an amazing soul, as was evident from the additional efforts he put to simplify the ‘teaching process’ in a way so that the basics are learnt with clear understanding. tweet


C of Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

One of my professors at IIT Kharagpur taught English in the Humanities Department, and was an Oxford graduate. What stunned me about her was her classy personality that she carried wherever she would be present. Be it in the classroom, be it at the Conference, or be it at the Dinner meet-up. One of our male classmates totally fell for her down-to-earth attitude and went on to propose to her, while she behaved in such a considerate, cool, and comforting manner that it made her famous in the campus. She had offered the student a cold-drink while he stammered through his ‘proposal speech’, and listened to him with compassion and patience. The boy came out of mam’s room and emerged as a confident and a dignified teenager! tweet


H of Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

My Guruji, who teaches me Sarode (an Indian Classical musical instrument) reminds me of his helpfulness in a selfless way. He is called Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta, and is awarded with the honour of Padmabhushan, the third highest civilian award in the Republic of India. He goes out of his way to inspire the students to regularly practise, and stay in touch with the music that we learn with so much of hard-work. With his hilarious takes on the most serious matters of life, he instills in us the value of living for the moment, while maintaining his honesty towards life, as much. tweet


Children as Teachers

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

I have some very good friends who are teenagers and college-goers. They are my best teachers in this lifetime. Their eager enthusiasm, ecstatic expressions that encourage intellectual discussions and nurture creative potential, engaging questions that make me think deeper, and essential inputs make this world, a better place to live in. tweet


R of Teacher

Digital Art by Alfred Villanueva

I belong to a middle-class family in down south Bengal in India, where I had a modest upbringing with the most beautiful education model I dream for every other child in this world. Both my parents nurtured their individual talents while keeping it real and rearing me with the same richness of training that nurtured my talents as well. In my moments of deep inquiries, I could confide in my Mom for a reliable response, while the social-works that Dad initiated & got himself involvedin , earned him a respectable status in the hearts of many families who continue to live below poverty line in my hometown. Along with the support from Mom, Dad has left behind a meaningful impact in their lives. My parents took the ‘righteous’ decisions when the difficult times arrived, at instances that demanded demolition of emotions and sacrifice of material wealth. They have taught me to be a ‘responsible’ citizen and to take responsibility for my own speech and actions, as long as I live. Am immensely grateful to my parents, and owe all my value-added learnings to them. tweet

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