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Paranormal Styled Photo Shoots

If you love tapping into the darker side of your creativity, then you’re probably enjoying the spooky spirit of Halloween this season!  We’re gearing up for a phenomenal paranormal weekend as we celebrate Halloween at ...

Is Photography a costly hobby?

Now a days people are messaging me in Social Media and talking about photography most of them told me that photography is his/her hobby , I simply replayed if photography as a hobby is very costly and the next ...

Portraits Of A Tribe

I started this series when i was at my village [Selgaon,Betul (M.P)].I was with my D-SLR and thinking about what can I do something special in village, as a photographer i always think about photography ...

Tuesday Fashion Fix!

Hey Everyone! How’s the week going so far? I am sure Tuesday’s not your favourite day of the week, since it’s neither the beginning nor the end. However, some of Touchtalent’s most talented fashion artists ...