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Superwomen?! Not usually a word that comes up in the world of superheroes, though we do know a couple of them. Tell me, how many of you think of ‘Superwomen’ as soon as the word superheros come up?! Hardly any I am sure. The first people we generally tend to think of are Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the likes. So wonder if we had a  whole lot of superwomen characters around, how wonderful would that be. They would be sexy, smart, beautiful and a fighter, how kick-ass would that be?

The best part of a woman superhero would be that she has powers that you could never fathom. Mainly because women are famous for multitasking as well, she can take care of the world and her family with so much of ease.





Imagine if we had more superwomen characters around, how cool would that be, just like how the world dies over batman, ironman, spiderman and the likes, we don’t hear people talking about Elektra, Catwoman or Superwoman for that matter. So here I got you some pictures of some characters who would make incredible superheroes.

Like the queen of  hearts, how awesome would it be if she had super powers hidden in her cards that could attack or heal people? And she would definitely not be your usual superhero.  And then there would also be your Indian superheros with their magical powers that could take over the world.




The best part is that all of them would have such amazing costumes that would in itself be a delight to watch. From bodysuits to bustiers to crop tops to bikinis to flowy dresses and out of this world garments, they would have it all.








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