It is still just Monday

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It’s over, sweetie. The Week has begun. Monday has come again.

I know, I know. Mondays are not very delightful. You just spent the last few hours of Sunday staying up till 3 am, re-watching Games of Thrones and blaming the World Cup for messing with your sleep cycle.

Monday Death-of-Magician-241228

You remember what your super-fun, YOLO filled weekend was like?


Monday Slash-191287

Yup, that’s pretty much all I remember. This is how you’ll probably see things around you all of today. Be warned. 


Monday Death-or-Treat-221179

Don’t cry on me now! Have faith.


Monday icon-set-of-modern-office-5-228129

 That’s right. Go to your desk, stick to your work schedule and work your ass off today.


Monday Traffic-oil-canvas-248457

I have good news for you though. Clock’s ticking. Friday will be here soon. So maybe, get off the vast expanse of the web, and get some work done. Because somebody special is waiting for you.


Monday Slash-269216

“I’ll see you on Friday, babe” – Slash

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