How To Spend Your ‘Free’ Time, ‘Creatively’

To many of us, ‘free’ time is the best time. This post explores several avenues of creative expression, and inspires the ‘Artiste’ in each one of us, to make the most of “every minute of free time”, creatively. It is understood that with the advent of mobile technology, online marketing, and brand management, we are all tuned to stay abreast with latest news and updates, and must spend a significant few minutes or hours, with our footfalls on the social media. Nevertheless, for the sake of ‘creativity’ alone, to keep alive the Artiste in us, to encourage children to nurture their artistic talents, and to have a more meaningful impact on others’ live, we must spend few minutes or few hours of our ‘free’ time, creatively. Given below are some of the hobbies one may get interested in pursuing and nurturing, and post the photographs / artworks / music etc. updates on !!

The first and foremost principle to live by, when you want to spend your free time, creatively, is: Do not panic. Calm down. Disconnect all distractions. Think through what all you really love doing. Make a list. Pick one activity. Collect the necessary tools (i.e. drawing book, pencil, dress material, camera, sewing machine, etc.). Get started!


Do Not Panic!

Painting by Andrew Christian Go

Sketching and Painting: As a kid, one of our bedroom walls was filled with my colourful paintings of several cartoon characters; when I had started painting them, my parents did think that would spoil the ‘Whitewash’, but they saw my enthusiasm and encouraged me further. Thereby, I learnt about “Time Management” really early in life. I finished my homework in time, so that I could paint with complete concentration. If you start sketching and painting, you’ll feel the joy. tweet


Sketching & Painting

Sketching by Dhananjay Pawar

Photography: Nature and the natural design of earth are great motivators to inspire all of us having cameras, get started on using them more regularly! What’s more enchanting that to get up early morning, take a view out of the balcony, take a walk in the garden, and click some photographs? And, these days we have cameras in our mobile phones. Make use of it during your ‘free’ time during lunch-break in office? Think about it. You can do it. tweet



Photography by Pablo Avila

Singing: All of us can sing. Can’t believe it? Try it. Atleast in your bathroom. Every soul has a song. Every soul wants to sing its song. It’s just that we forget to listen to our inner voice amidst the struggles of daily life. But, we take a personal pledge, do some prior planning for every weekend (for example), and schedule a ‘singing’ time, we allow our inner voice to be heard. By doing so, we utilize our ‘free’ time, creatively. Singing is a great creative pursuit as we realize as we listen to this song. tweet

Singing by Kashish Gupta

Dressing Up: How many of us make ‘dedicated time to dress up, just like that’? Try it. Dressing up not only nurtures the fashionista in us, but also gives us a new perspective of ourselves. It is a nice way to spend free time creatively, as it makes us think about the artistes who create such great works of textile & accessories that gift us a unique personality. Sometimes, our tastes change and the experimentation brings a novel enthusiasm. That’s amazing! tweet


Dressed Up

Digital Art by Rathod Jagadish

Sewing: A sewing machine in a household tells us that someone in that home is an Artiste. If we notice the focused concentration that is needed to get a thread inside a needle, and if we notice the careful manoeuvring it takes to sew a piece of cloth, we will learn to appreciate every Artiste who sews. Sewing is a great creative pursuit, and a must-try for everyone who wants to explore several ways of utilizing free time, creatively. tweet



Sketching by Marie Bouldingue

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