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Smart Art : The Biggest Smartphone/Tablet Exhibition, an online community for art and creativity is going one step further in its search for bringing all the creative minds in the world at one place by taking Touchtalent to everyone’s mobile phones and Tablets – in an online art exhibition for the month of December titled – ‘Smart Art’. All entries for this exhibition will be uploaded specifically only via mobile phones or Tablet PC’s, but is open to all ages and countries. Through this exhibition, artists all over the world can put up their creativity online via their mobile phone and Tablet PC’s and join a one of its kind exhibition where all the Users are ‘Smart Artists’. At, the user’s needs and their ever changing and developing ideas and preferences are taken care of by the website and what better than to reach out to all the millions of users via the device that they use the most.

1. Boring Job? Don’t like sitting at the desk all day doing nothing – staring at blank people or outside the window. Are you a student who loves art but is stuck in a medical or engineering college? Check out some amazing artists then and use your time creatively!

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2. Procrastinating? You want to be the next Van Gough or the next John Keats but don’t get the time to pick up a pen and write or go and buy paints. Well start using your phone as a Notebook, DSLR, Canvas and what not! Spend your time creatively!

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3. Insomnia? Can’t sleep and keep on turning or tossing in bed. Stop counting sheep or spending hours on Social Networking. Bring out the artist in you at the biggest smartphone/table exhibition!

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4. Stuck in Traffic? Visit an Art exhibition and spend your time creatively instead of sitting on the passenger’s seat doing nothing!

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Join the #smartart exhibition now and spread the word. The world of Artists and Creative minds needs you! Do your bit for them.


Tell us which are the ones you make every time?If you are an artist  please share your art with us on the largest platform for creative people at Touchtalent

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