Singing: Great Creative Nurturing

This post highlights the nuances of music, and especially makes an attempt at understanding on ‘Singing’, and how it is a great creative nurturing. To begin with, I feel grateful to the Legends who, by their songs and by their Singing talent, have uplifted masses of people, and even after their passing away, continue to inspire many human beings, from all strata of society. A Legend is born with a gifted voice that finds expression early in life. A Legend is born for the very purpose of Singing. A Legend is called a Legend for the sheer genius of the gifted talent that seems timeless. tweet


A Legend Singing

Painting by Princess Fehmida

How does one feel while carefully listening to a melodious bird tunes in the morning ? When one listens carefully, one feels a certain kind of joy. A simple happy feeling. And the heart yearns to listen some more. Singing is such a trait that produces a ‘melodious’ sound that is unique, to every human soul, and unique to every bird that sings. It brings out our innermost voice that has no language, only an expression, open to interpretation. Every human being is capable of singing, as every soul has an inner voice, which can either be expressed while singing songs composed by others, or by singing one’s own compositions. A singing bird is the most melodious gift that nature has gifted the human beings. tweet


Singing Bird

Photography by Ravjeet Singh

When we sing, and encourage our children to sing, we nurture a side of our character that is pure and natural. It is evident from several Research findings, that, a mind of a musician is developed in a full-fledged manner, while the mind of a non-musician human being is not. Singing is a great creative nurturing, because singing is the easiest form of creative nurturing. The moment a child is born, he produces a sound, and there if we listen carefully, there is a melody in *every* sound. So, logically, singing makes sense. Especially in case of small children, singing provides a rich creative nurturing for their mind and soul, something which is essential to their growth and development. tweet


Singing Children

Photography by  Bernadette Jumpalad

Singing is the first form of ‘musical’ expression for most musicians, for the natural voice that a human soul is born with. Some philosophers are known to have made statements such as ‘Music beats life’, and ‘Without music, life would be an error’, which are true to their deepest meaning. A human life is full of troubles, trauma, hustle, and pain. One experiences, that, when one sings, he/she forgets the drab of daily life. Apart from being a creative nurturing, it helps people to garner enough strength to live another day, and many more days to come. tweet



Photography by Shashank Mittal

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