Sing. It Makes Sense.

Every soul has a song. And, anyone can sing. There is music in the nature; there is music in our surroundings. And it makes sense to sing. This post attempts at exploring the beautiful impact of a song, when anybody sings it. First and the simplest reason why you should sing is: Because you have a song. A song that only your beautiful soul can sing. When you sing, your inner beauty finds expression through your voice and through your purest feelings. When you sing, the melody fills the world with little more of goodness.


Your Beauty. Your Song.

Digital Art by Kana Subhashini

And then, as we keep walking along the path of life, a lot of dust accumulates in the hearts. Dust of despair, pain, agony, jealousy, and such mean things that are not an inherent part of you. Because, basically, you have an innocence. All the dust accumulates because the innocence is not nurtured. When you sing, you nurture the innocence in you, and the more the innocence is nurtured, the dusts of life shed away, and you become the BEST you. When you sing, you put an effort to shed all the dust, and remain pure and innocent. Innocence inspires everyone. When you sing, your innocence seems to tell you “Thank you, for nurturing me. I was on the verge of dying. But now you sing, and so I came alive”. tweet


Nurture The Innocence.

Painting by Aparna Narayan

When you sing, you will realize that you forget the daily drudge of life, and get immersed in the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics, and sometimes, some memories. And when you sing on regular basis, you look forward to singing. Your singing keeps alive the hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a beautiful world.


Sing. It Keeps Alive The ‘Hope’.

Photography by Shubhneet Makkar

When you keep singing all your life, at home, in your bathroom, among your friends, and just to yourself. Your melody spreads far and wide. Singing, over a period of time, spreads joy and goodness. And at the end of life, the body is not there, but everything else associated with your songs: melody, your innocence, and the goodness that is spread, remains. And, what remains, inspires. tweet


Sing. Goodness Remains. Inspires.

Photography by Nayana Chandanei Sri Nissanke


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