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Side-effects of being an artist


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Worldly reaction:

People on knowing you are an artist, often give a curious look at everything you are, or never hesitate to ask what you actually do to earn a living. If you have decided to spend the rest of your life as an artist, and nothing else; chances are you will have to invest a few years convincing people about your passion.

Occupied occupation

As an artist, you are occupied than all the people in the world combined. You want to do everything you are born for, but you actually have no time doing anything except art. You live art, love art, eat art, bath art. In reply, you get disconnected with friends, earn complaints from close people, and to add to the list, rejection from clients – the hard truth! You spend sleepless nights working on canvas but forget to remember the day, even year (in extreme situations)


If you are happy about your artwork that you invested very little time, sorry to say you are a doubtful artist. It is in the DNA of all artists to not get delighted about their artwork at one go. They try to make it a masterpiece and in the process get sandwiched between expectation and reality. The end result is an extremely modified artwork that would have been better if not edited at all. Unhappiness however leads to perfection, but perfection is never reachable.

Money, money

Some make fortunes becoming an artist. Most don’t. But between them stay a loyal group of art followers who struggle, and stay happy with a decent income. That decent income could have different connotations. For an artist, it is a wholesome income. For the artist’s friend, it is nothing near to what he earns. For the artist’s family, it is better unclosed. But that doesn’t discourage an artist to part his ways from art. S/he knows art is not measurable through material rewards. The issue is the realization doesn’t help an artist’s financial status


An artist is a master of his own world. He loves dance in a dancer, he values the sound of raindrops, he can tell how the world would end, literally. But despite being so talented, he suffers from the fear of insecurity. There’s no surety the time, effort he put in his last art work would be paid off. It would be utterly rejected on grounds he never imaged or it would find an honest buyer. Chances are the first assumption will win, because there is too much competition and who has time to praise the true art

Leaving the side effects in trash bin, it is however wonderful to be an artist. Being an artist is to live a life few choose. Artists are creative folks mother world seldom bring into the world. And, artists are true ruler of their own destinies – after a hectic schedule with time, society, security.

It’s wonderful to be an artist. At the end, who wins is artist, not the side effects. Better call these side effects helping agents to become better artists

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