The King of Hearts

He is the Man Worth $600 Million!! What’s his Ideology?

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Like many newborns, he was born with the umbilical cord entangled around his neck. He was blessed and the nurse said that he would be a very lucky child. It was 2nd November, 1965 when Shahrukh Khan was born at the Talwar Nursing Home, New Delhi. 

Nobody knew that the boy who was a failure in Hindi, who always scored 2-3  marks out of 10 in  Hindi, would become the Badshah of the Hindi Film Industry. The King of Hearts is the Second Richest Actor in the world with an estimated net worth of $600 million.  

Though,  its  the  ‘Happy New Year’  for  him, We wish SRK ‘Happy Birthday’. 

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. There are Lows and Highs in everybody’s life but ‘how you react’ decides ‘what you become’!  tweet


Digital Art by  Mr. Milan Samaddar.

Once an actor always an actor tweet

Shahrukh Says : I wanted to fly, free as a bird, not bound by any consideration, but the independence of expression- I wanted to be a trapeze artist also. I learnt the maxim of acting from my time spent in the circus. tweet

The King of Hearts

 Sketching by the Artist Ketak Shelke

“Ho gaya to Kartab, gir gaye , mar gaye to Haadsa” tweet

“If you can pull it off, it’s a performance, if not it was just an accident, try and do it again and again till one day you die.” tweet

It's the Showtime!!

Digital Art by Artist Sumit Gupta

The best student of the top school in Delhi was not good enough to be a part of the best college in Delhi tweet

I hadn’t scored well in my favourite subject, English . This is one of my life’s greatest mysteries because I thought my English paper had been the best. It was also the first lesson in life . tweet

I learnt that one cannot be sure or confident about one’s best efforts either. As sometimes your best is just not good enough. And that is one truth I live even by today. One should not get disappointed but try harder next time.  tweet

Shahrukh Khan

Sketch work by Artist Shwetabh Suman.

Man with Winner Spirit tweet

He wanted his education to be such that he could understand every page of the newspaper. He  made sure that the marks he got in his exams were comparable to the so-called best college of Delhi. tweet


Sketching- Shahrukh

 Sketching by Artist Ankit Himanshu.

 Fame and love is a gift from God and for that reason alone I feel richer than 10 Bill Gates put together. tweet

But at the end of it all, you come to Bombay, and there’s a side of yours that nobody’s seen. People now say, he’s stylish, intelligent,etc. Nobody sees that basically I’m quite a cheapster from Delhi. tweet

 Shahrukh Khan

 Digital Art by  Aejaj Saiyed

It’s said that what you think is what you become. Shahrukh received what he believed into. We wish Shahrukh Khan a very happy birthday and many more amazing  movies full of creativity.

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