Potter Mania Hits The Artists -These Art Works Of Harry Potter Will Leave You SpellBound

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Whether you are a child or a grown up everyone loves Harry Potter. No one can deny that J K Rowling has incredibly used her imagination to create the magical world of Harry Potter. And how magnificent it is to portray Harry Potter in the art work? For all the Potter fans we bring you the awesome art works by our talented creative artists at Touchtalent. The artists have brought the characters and scenes from the wizard universe to life in a truly impressive manner.

Sketch by Jerome Pangilinan – Rowling imagined Harry as a “scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy with a scar on forehead who didn’t know he was a wizard.

 He Faces Voldemort by Yatish Asthana

Brave enough to fight back the dark wizard Voldemort  by Farjanul Jon

 The utimate friends Harry, Ron and Hermoine by Laura Kordikova

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets by Mridul Basumotari

Harry Potter & Hedwig by Nitesh Rajput

Harry Potter during the game of Quidditch by Vysakh Sidharth

Hogwarts School by Laura Čerba

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