Polish Off Your Costume with Halloween Inspired Nail Art

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Meg Kline

Hi I'm Meg! I'm a buyer for a chain of clothing boutiques in Europe. I travel the world frequently on someone else's dime and love writing in my free time! Sending positive vibes out to everyone. :)

Got a big Halloween party to go to this weekend?  Well time is running out and we’re counting down the days to Halloween!  We know you’re dying to show off your costume that you’ve put so much careful thought into!  The ladies of Touchtalent have been busy posting pictures of their Halloween nail designs, and we absolutely love them!  Creative artists really know how to take DIY nail art to a whole new level, and we hope you’re inspired by someone right here in our community.  So when you’re making sure your wig fits perfectly, and that your makeup is on point, don’t forget to complete your costume with matching Halloween inspired nail art!  Check out some of our favorite Halloween nail polish designs featured on Touchtalent!


Be the super hero of the party this year rocking a classic Spiderman design on your nails!

Spidey-nails-248058Nail Art by Samiha Shameem

 Vampire Girl

This spooky bat design would be the perfect look for your Countess Dracula costume!

-Halloween-Nails-Black-Bat-Mummy-112378Nail Art by Fouara Ferdous

 Dainty Butterfly

Not everyone wants to be something scary for Halloween.  If you’re going to charm your friends with a butterfly or fairy costume, these butterfly wing inspired nails are perfect!

Butterfly-nails-257827Nail Art by Samiha Shameem

Bat Girl

Get extra creative with your batman/batgirl costume this year and make your nails resemble your super hero logo!

Batman-Nails-246497Nail Art by Samiha Shameem


 Corpse Bride

Was your costume inspired by an all-time favorite Halloween movie like Corpse Bride?  Try a movie themed nail design like this one!corpse-bride-Halloween-nails-Halloween-Day-116525Nail Art by Priya Bhattacharrya

 Zombie Girl

Got an obsession with zombie movies?  Then you will love to rock this ghastly nail design with blood and creepy eyeballs!Halloween-Nails-112893Nail Art by Israt Jahan Orchi


 Skeleton Girl

If you’re into 3D nail art, this spooky skeleton design should get you into the Halloween spirit!

3D-Skull-Nails-162032Nail Art by Israt Jahan Orchi


 Miss Villain

Lastly, we thought these detailed cartoon nails of infamous Halloween movie villains would be the perfect inspiration if you’re not trying to be the hero this season!movie-nails-87487

Nail Art by Priya Bhattacharrya


If you saw a design that you really liked, don’t be shy, contact the artist to find out more about it!  The best part about these designs are that you don’t have to go to the nail salon for a pricey manicure, you can get these looks using your polish at home!  Do you have Halloween nail art you’d like to share? Leave us comments with links to your profile!  What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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