How Does ‘Performing Art’ Add Value To Life: 11 Insights

There is Art, and there is ‘Performing Art’. While a creative piece such as a painting, design, craft-work, etc. is termed ‘Art’, any form of art that requires the physical presence of the creator, until the very end of the expression of an art form, is called ‘Performing Art’. Some of the examples could be dance, Live painting, cooking, playing a musical instrument, etc. In this blog post, we will discuss about the value-addition aspect of ‘Performing Art’, in a human life:

1. Self-Confidence

A ‘Performing Artist’ is engaged in creating art, on stage. Creating art on stage, takes a lot of confidence. An artist, while repeating the act of going up to the stage, and performing in front of a crowd, works towards improving the self-confidence. Performing Arts, therefore, aids in improving the self-confidence of an individual.


Fashion by Saumya Joshi

2. Inner Awareness

As an artist continues to perform and create the ‘performing art’, he/she becomes more aware of his/her inner self; with concentrated focus into creating a performing art, an individual explores various dimensions one’s creative potential. And, a heightened level of inner-awareness helps a human soul to create a harmonious world where everybody else finds a place to exist at peace with one another.


Sketching by Roent Gen

3.  Nurture The ‘Good Teacher’ In You

Performing Art verily nurtures the teacher in the artist. By creating an art while someone is witnessing the process of creation, an artist actually gives a teaching lesson on the same.


Photography by Klaus V. Ostendorf

4. Communication Skills

While creating a ‘performing art’, an art builds a repertoire unique to his/her style. Building of a unique repertoire is derived out of continued sessions of communication with the audience that appreciates the art.


Photography by Tonny Haryanto

5. Inspires the youth


Performing Arts is a great mode to inspire the youth. Performing Arts drives a Cause, nurtures positive, and inspires the collective masses for a larger good.


Digital-art by Pooja Raje

6.  You become a force to drive a Charity cause

Performing Arts is a force to drive Change. Performing Arts are theme-based, and therefore, they tell a story, convey a message, and thereby, add value to the development of communities and nations.

Digital-Art by Tharaka Ranwatta

7. Connect with the divinity within

A dance artist once said she connected to her inner divinity, during her dance performances. Many of the incidents of her life, on stage, validated her belief. Performing Arts is indeed the best form of worship, and those who pursue it, connect with the divinity within, which in turn, nurtures peace and prosperity of the masses.


Painting by Bobby Wylde

8. Nurture sensitivity of others

Artists pursuing Performing Arts are not only sensitive humans themselves, but also they nurture the sensitivity of other human beings who witness the creation of (Performing) Art.


Digital-Art by Ibtissam Rhz

9. Evolve to become a better human being

Being nurtured and by nurturing others, an artist through his Performing Arts, evolves as a better human being.


Photography by Prasad Ankit

10. Living for Others’


Swami Vivekananda said: “They alone live, who live for others”. Artists pursuing Performing Arts are indeed engaged in a living, for others, for their art is expressed and witness at the same time.


Painting by Bobby Wylde

11. Travelling Ambassador tweet

An artist pursuing Performing Arts travels across the globe to perform, collaborate, and learn. Performing Arts, therefore, provides a coveted opportunity to become an ambassador of an artist’s brand, and ultimately, that of his/her ‘creative works’ and nation.


Painting by Rishika Kumari

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