Paranormal Styled Photo Shoots

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Meg Kline

Hi I'm Meg! I'm a buyer for a chain of clothing boutiques in Europe. I travel the world frequently on someone else's dime and love writing in my free time! Sending positive vibes out to everyone. :)

If you love tapping into the darker side of your creativity, then you’re probably enjoying the spooky spirit of Halloween this season!  We’re gearing up for a phenomenal paranormal weekend as we celebrate Halloween at Touchtalent!  Some of you picked out a store bought costume, while others created looks straight out of their closets.  Regardless of how you dress for the occasion, you should be sure to get some amazing photos to immortalize your costume ingenuity  this year!  We’re featuring some menacing works of creative photography from the Touchtalent portfolio of Philippines based photographer, Eman De Leon.  You may find the ghostly female figures and ladies cast in scary scenes to be just the inspiration you needed to shoot your own Halloween photos.  Check out some spooktacular pieces from De Leon’s portfolio along with 3 tips we think will help make your Halloween shoot a success!

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#1 Scout Out A Spooky Setting

If you haven’t done this already, you should take an evening drive to scout out locations around your area that look creepy after dark.  Some of the best places for a Halloween shoot are the ones that look perfectly inviting during the daytime until the sun goes down.  So perhaps you should check out a wooded area behind your community, or even a playground like De Leon used.  Of course you could always go for some more obvious scary locations like a cemetery or an abandoned house.  The important thing is to inspect the area ahead of time to make sure that it’s free of hazards, and safe for you to use.

#2 Tell A Story

If you want your photos to be stunning and the talk of your circle, be sure that your photos tell a story.  You want your photo to invoke emotion as soon as someone sees it.  Think about your costume and who the character is that you’re playing.  Are you getting revenge?  Or perhaps you’re bewitching someone.  Whatever your story is, remember it when choosing props for your photos, making your facial expressions, as well as in your poses.  This is a great time to brush up on those acting skills!  Practice in front of the mirror so you come equipped with a variety of believable poses and expressions on the day of your Halloween shoot.

#3 Don’t Forget Hair & Makeup

Be sure to that your hair and makeup look the part.  If you’re a zombie, then you want to do costume style makeup to make you look dead.  Zombies also don’t have flawless hair, so tease it and play with it to look at least a little disheveled. Body paint is a great way to really get more into the spirit of your character!  If you’re a smurf this Halloween, then painting yourself blue head to toe is essential to making your costume undeniably recognizable.   Make sure your costume is the total package!

What inspired you this Halloween?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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