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Delio Klemen Cainglit is an artist from Quezon City, Philippines. He fuses his creative interests in both drawing and painting with computer graphics and visual communication to create realistic yet evocative portraits, each with their own unique character. This is best exemplified by his ‘With All My Heart’ collection, which demonstrates his ability to use more abstract shapes and forms but still present figures which we can relate to and gauge emotion from. This particular collection evokes a sense of community as it presents simple figures against a rural backdrop carrying out the activities of daily life from playing music to looking after a baby, thus anyone can connect on various levels. The broad range of themes and figures allow for a diverse and wide-ranging audience, as his portfolio ranges from portraits of animated disney characters to the more pious images of Jesus Christ. His versatility is demonstrated by his varying style in each of the paintings, and is a testament to his limitless talent.



Simba “The Lion King” – Delio Klemen Cainglit




Jesus With Madonna – Delio Klemen Cainglit


You check out more of his works on


Dr Yavishtha Kaushik, formally a plastic surgeon, similarly uses Touchtalent to express his inner-creativity. He represents a large proportion of our population who can train in such a strict discipline and unleash their creative vigour after office hours. Similar to Delio Klemen Cainglit, Dr Yavishtha Kaushik he challenges himself with abstract forms and juxtaposes these with smoother and more realistic pictures.


Mask – Dr. Yavishtha Kaushik




Devil and Me – Dr. Yavishtha Kaushik

You can check out more of his works on

We are fortunate enough to experience their extraordinary talents via Touchtalent, an online creative platform which allows artists and photographers alike to professionally connect and showcase their works. It allows those who are too afraid to take the first step into investing full-time in what is often perceived to be an unstable profession, mostly by allowing them to take themselves out of the routine 9 to 5 context and seriously consider their creative abilities.

Touchtalent gives aspiring artists from across the globe the courage and capacity to pursue a creative profession in a world with a corporate stronghold and rhetoric of pursuing and Delio Klemen Canglit and Dr Kaushik are the prime examples of this.


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