Why Should You Nurture Your Creative Potential: 9 Reasons

For quite some time, I’ve been sort of making a hue and cry to tell everyone to PURSUE CREATIVITY !! Let’s now reflect, feel, and act !! :D Here is another post that makes us think again, about why should we pursue creativity and nurture our creative potential.

1. You will get an *interesting topic of conversation* when you nurture your creative potential. tweet

Because, any creative pursuit provides enthusiasm and generates positivity. People LOVE enthusiasm and positivity.


Interesting Conversation

Painting by Anupam Pal


Once you start nurturing your creative potential, your friends and family look forward to your next creation, the upcoming performance, the next piece of your artwork, and thereby, you create an inspiring world around yourself.



Literature by Yashaswini Rathore

3. Younger ones love to BE INSPIRED BY the older ones. tweet

Consider your relationship with your younger siblings, children, grandchildren, kids in the neighbourhood, younger friends who know about your art and artworks: All such relationships get a REFRESHED meaning, and flourish with a renewed passion filled with warmth and crazy love!


Relationship With Younger Ones

Sketching by Snigdha Choudhary

4. You get to laugh out loud, More Often :) tweet

Well, every creative pursuit comes with its lovely moments of funny glitches, silly mistakes, hilarious outcomes (yeah, lot of times!), and many more *interesting incidents* that you get to LAUGH ABOUT, LOUD. Something, that we must do, as much as we can!!


Laugh Out Loud

Photography by Rick Ricardo

5. You CREATE value. tweet

Well, this *value creation* is an area that would require a separate post to discuss about, however, I’d just like to highlight the fact that, Value Creation primarily means to create something that has a value, something that is being appreciated by other people. For example, spending few hours of time on the social media may not be appreciated by other other, whereas if you share your artworks, you will always find admirers. So, you must nurture your creative potential, because by CREATING VALUE, you make a difference in this world that only YOU can make.



Photography by Anuradha Mandapaka

6. Anything valuable, SELLS. tweet

If you nurture your creativity and share your works, you may as well make MONEY out of that. Love for one’s art, dedication to pursue the art, and a humble zeal to monetize the artwork ensure that you get what you want, truly!


Create Artwork. Make Money.

Photography by Harsh Singh

7. You become your own personal brand. tweet

Because, every person is unique, and has some unique talents. When you nuture your talents, you gain a certain expertise that creates a unique personal BRAND.


Personal Brand

Sketching by Dino Devic Art

8. Your life becomes more MEANINGFUL. tweet

While someone *not* pursuing any creative potential may yet remain a successful bread-earner for a family, but another person who nurtures a creative potential has a WIDER IMPACT in a larger mass of people. A creative pursuit does not necessarily has to be *expressed*, it can be a silent moment of meditation / literary research / music practice etc. instead, and yet, such mindful pursuits have deep impact in the world. Because, thoughts do travel.


Meaningful Life

Photography by Simak Ajmal

9. You become empowered to CHANGE the lives of the underprivileged masses. tweet

When you nurture your creative potential, you learn a lot, and you gather a natural talent to Teach. For developing nations where a lot of attention must be directed towards the upliftment of the underprivileged masses, artists pursuing creative potential are change-agents who work towards Nation-building in the true spirit of SERVING.


Change The World

Photography  by Dheeraj Desai

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