Myths & Truths of ‘Engineering’ Education

Myth: An engineering degree is a certain way to get a decent-pay job.

Truth: An engineering degree is a degree just like other under-graduate degrees in India. And if it is an non-IIT/NIT degree, it does not guarantee a job right after completion. Approximately 1/3rd of a million engineering students in Indian remain unemployed. Nevertheless, one is certainly capable of getting a job based on one’s business acumen, creative potential, and a hard-working spirit that is willing to learn a lot! tweet


The Struggler

Painting by W Bari An

Myth: An engineering education aids in pursuing other hobbies.

Truth: An engineering education “in isolation” does not aid in pursuing hobbies. It’s a strenuous tenure of 4-years with rigorous class-schedules and competitive job-readiness preparation. One has to be on the toes to ace the race to secure good grades, followed by securing a job in an extremely challenging job environment. “Focus” is the “key”. If you are focused into your engineering studies, you will achieve your “job-getting” goals after spending lacs of Rupees for a 4-year long undergraduate education. However, if you are passionate about pursuing your hobbies, it makes sense to get real, get practical, and save hard-earned money, & rather pursue the most suitable educational course, with all your might! tweet


Focus is ‘Key’

Photography by Shagun Mehta

Myth: An engineering education is advantageous to obtain an MBA that ensures higher pay packages.

Truth: MBAs make good ‘managers’. One needs to be good at school-level Math, logical reasoning, and time-management skills, to get into an institution that offers MBA/PGDBM degree(s). Engineering education must be chosen solely for the love of ‘engineering’ as such, and not as a ‘route to stardom’ of any sort. Shortlisting of candidates for MBA entrants is done *not* based on engineering degreee, but based on a certain set of parameters unique to make judgements on students’ performance at the entrance tests. tweet


Blinded by Temptation

Digital Art by Domen Lo

Myth: An engineering education guarantees “some” job.

Truth: An engineering student *with creative potential, a hard-working spirit, a learning attitude, and an open mind-set” will FIND a job. With the recently slowdown in economy, a mere engineering education may delude students and parents into believing in a notion that is not true. Nevertheless, if an engineering student is willing to put in efforts to learn the basic skills required at professional world, such as “problem solving abilities”, “excellent verbal and written communication skills” etc., he/she will gain the confidence over a period of 4 years, to go ahead and get a job. Only few engineering students in a batch garner enough courage to embrace challenges and emerge victorious! The scenario definitely needs to change. tweet


Two In A Dozen

Painting by Richard A Jacobson

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