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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

As you scroll through the works of art showcased on Touchtalent, how do you feel when you see a picture of a sunset overlooking a lake? A lonely child sat in the dirt looking for inspiration? Thousands of people with their hands in the air at a concert? The best art makes us catch our breath and allows us to feel an emotion that we may not remember experiencing before.

The question is ‘what constitutes art?’ Who is to say that art can only be a painting gathering dust in a gallery? Or the computerized green fields that make up the background on your computer? Art can be that first ray of the Indian summer breaking through your curtains into your cluttered bedroom. It can be the feel of the first raindrop on your face just before the monsoon breaks. It can be the sense of relief wash over you when you finally hear a piece of music that describes your every mood all at once.

All it takes is one picture or photograph to bring all these emotions flooding back; that is the real art – not just the picture that triggers your senses. The ability of a photographer to use his own experiences with music allows those viewing the picture to feel as if they were there, as if they were playing the instrument, as if they were swaying with the crowd like they are one.

Loves music

Musical themed art is not just art, it’s a gateway to a completely new art in itself.

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