Moods of Creative Artistes

As we all get spellbound and awestuck by the fantastic artworks of many creative artistes, many of whose works are there in the Touchtalent.com database, many of whom we may not know about, and many others who have come and left behind grand legacies of their own. All of them are creative artistes, albeit. What intrigues me is their moods that they go through, during creating the artworks, and also during their day-to-day lives. Because, to create such marvellous pieces of artworks, one may be going through so many different shades of moods, I wonder. tweet


Old Soul Blinded By The Present

Fashion by Jansol Parblesent

On some days, an artiste may not work at all. Not because there is lack of inspiration, or an underplaying of the emotions, but because, he/she is not in the right mood for a creative “expression”. On those days, the artiste spends long hours contemplating on life, or may be, spends long hours, sleeping. An artiste needs that space for rejuvenation, and to create his/her next best artwork. tweet



An Expression

Sketching by Artist Aji

Whereas, in a mood of melancholy, a creative artiste may bring about the most deeply felt expression in his/her artwork, as Ustad Rashid Khan is known to have said once, that “An artiste who has undergone a lot of pain, performs better”. In fact, melancholy inspires a creative artiste to sometimes deviate from his/her latent expertise and rather experiment some new dimensions and thereby create something that gives a new perspective to the same art form, and to the same subject of art. tweet


A New Dimension

Photography by Ludmila Vegrichtová

Nevertheless, in a happy mood, a creative artiste is mostly likely inspired to create an innovative piece of artwork that finds an inspirational route to many people’s hearts. Creation of artworks in a lively mood adds to the “positive concentration” aspect of the “process of creation” and therefore, it definitely gives birth to a creation that inspires newer works in similar domains, research on the subject-matter, and supports many a cause to uplift the masses! It is the many moods of all creative artistes that I am grateful about, from the bottom of my heart. tweet



Sketching by Edwin Vargas

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