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Akanksha Prasad

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We know what a pencil is .. An ordinary pencil ? What’s so special about it ? Ask me!! Nahh!! I don’t see anything special about a pencil. But this little Wonder Boy with a pair of glasses and flashy white teeth will show you what a pencil can be used for apart from the acquainted uses to us like writing or sketching.

Hailing from Vijayawada, Bhanu Prakash B is a believer in the quote which says, “Be a nice person! And don’t try to prove to someone!” An avid fan of the Rap God Eminem, he is a student of National Institute of Technology  in Calicut. He also organised an Exhibition Workshop on Micro Sculpting focusing on the huge difference that small things can make.

Let’s show you the magic ..

Graphite Skull

Don’t you think this graphite skull is good enough to give you a bone chill sending you deep into some murky riverside ?


Micro Sculpture of CAT

Oh! Look at this cute little cat. Hey! Did it just purr?


 Divinity in Unity

The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up. Shy ? I meant the pretty woman shying away with her hand on her head.



Playful, ain’t it ?


I Made a Christmas Tree

Santa! Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Jingle all the way…


 A Cup of Graphite

Tired? Let’s sit down and relax with a cup of tea.


 Got an Extra Hand

Always welcome! Share the load.


 Man’s Best Friend

Woof! Woof! Could I just get a ball to play?


Too much of pencil ? Is it? Let’s show you something else.

My Chalk Piece Art

Last, but not the least, this is the same chalk our teachers have used to write down those complex formulae we hated …
Wow !! That’s the word !!


This is not the end. You will see a lot of coming from this Wonder Boy Bhanu…

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