M.K. Gandhi : India’s first Superhero (Yes, it’s not Kkrish!)

Year 1869, the 2nd of October – a little boy let out his first delicate cry in a part of Gujrat who would later grow on to become the fierce roar of an entire nation. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – the Father of the Nation , was not only the leader of the Indian Independence movement – but was much more than that to every single Indian who looked up to him in awe and surprise. How could one man be resolute and determined? How could one man fast for days at an end for the goodwill of his countrymen? How could one man so selfishly sacrifice everything he had for the independence of the nation? For little kids – to old revolutionaries, Mahatma Gandhi was nothing short of a Superhero which is what we will celebrate today, this Gandhi Jayanthi.


Spider-Mohan : “With great power comes great responsibility.” tweet

Gandhi’s spider was his time at South Africa – where was thrown off trains and theaters for being Indian. The racial discrimination that Gandhi faced there would have broken down any other individual – but it only made Gandhi more equipped and determined to fight the British.

Superpower : Spinning fiber in a web-shaped yarn to boycott English cloth.

Iron – Mohan : “Big man with a lathi. Take that away, who are you?” tweet

“Lawyer, Pacifist, Leader, Philosopher, a Father to a few hundred million people.” tweet

Superpower : No bullet can pierce his armor of Ahimsa and Satyagraha.

Father India :When patriots become heroes. The first Avenger.” tweet

Mahatma Gandhi was undoubtedly one of the first Avengers of the Indian revolution who nationalized the Independence movement like never before. His principles of non-violence and ahimsa went a long way in popularizing him throughout the world – where he didn’t want to win over the army by force, but by determination and principles.

Superpower : He only weapon is a shield – he doesn’t believe in violence.

Thor – Hammer of the Court :Dozens of religions and castes. One hero. Courage is immortal.” tweet

Thor’s powers are Godly but at the end of the day – he is a man. And so was Gandhi. But – his ideology – his work and his teachings would be forever immortal. Another very important aspect of Gandhi’s heroism was that he worked for all castes and religions the same way, trying to uplift the norms of Untouchability, much like Thor’s tagline – “Two worlds, One God.”

Superpower : His hammer of the law and court is invincible. And no one else can bear it, but him.

Mahahulkma-Gandhi: “I have an army.” – the Queen. tweet

“We have Gandhi.” – India. tweet

You’ll like him when he’s angry. tweet

Superpower : No matter how angry you get him, he’ll still be calmer than the spring – but more dangerous than an army.

Gandhi walked miles and miles on foot for years at a stretch, speaking to millions, organizing meetings and protests to fight the British to not only bring independence to India – but make India a self-sufficient world Super-power. And in this process, Gandhi surely became India’s first Super-hero (Yes, it’s not Kkrish.)

This artwork was created by Ankur Chaudhary – a wonderful artist at Touchtalent.com based in Delhi. He uses his creativity and digital art to showcase things in a completely new and different way like never before. Kudos to Ankur for his amazing work.

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