How Does It Look Before It Happens? Seven Artworks That Nail The Details

If you ever bothered to enjoy a happening rather than expecting the outcome, you must have watched the event’s progress in detail.  How does the rain fall on the ground, how those thunderstorm scare, how a tiger closely watches its prey before attack, how the sun bids good bye before it is dark – these ordinary events have some extraordinary process in progress before, during and after they happen.  In today’s entry, we have ten of such awesome photography clicked by inquisitive Touchtalent photographers. See how they see it

 Snail’s Ambitious Landing Efforts

Photography By Bireswar Pati

It would literally take minutes or even hours for the snail to reach base, but every little effort she makes is a progress in process.



 Run Before It Rains

Photography By Mrinal Basu

It is fun to challenge the rain, especially in such a backdrop as this, where the sky can’t get any more dramatic.

run-before-the-rain-302667 (1)

 And The Sun Bids Good Bye For The Day

Photography By Danny Bond

A setting sun knows all the stories of the day and bids a silent good bye. The sky plays with colour, sea with shadows, and clouds with personalities.


A Flower Blooms!

A flower is beautiful, but you do not know this until it blooms.

Photography By Aman Singh


Before the attack

Photography By Vicente Francisco Villanueva Pido

Seconds before a kill is seen and a kill is grabbed is an interesting phenomenon nature offers. Whatever you are – a bird or tiger, every entity has a styling approach that differs from the other when it comes to hunting for living


Life’s a Fishing Net

Photography By Bob Gurung

Life is like a fishing net. You jump with anticipation, get cheated or rewarded by opportunities, and then get emptied by your master – either at work or social life.


Just Before The End

Digital Art By Ashish Sharma

It seemed like yet another normal day, until that very moment when the earth was overburdened with man’s sins. It was coming somewhere in our mind – that flood, that storm, that last day, that last moment. Even if we awake now, we can’t undo that because we will never awake


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