Link Between Education & Employment

One gets to read the following quote as one enters Mission Evaluation Room of the NASA Space Center in Houston, USA: ‘In God we trust, all others bring data’. As we continue to look at the education scenario in India and try to establish a link with employment, we look at the data available to us, to start analysis and come to a convincing note. tweet


God Ganesha

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The issues in higher-education are complex, and to come up with its connection with employment, action is needed at different levels by a variety of stakeholders. Primary action to be taken in this regard is to look at the various opportunities available to students enrolled in the higher-education institutions in India, and how students can learn “professional skill-sets” during their educational tenure in college. tweet


Being Together

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Given the focus on “excellence” in the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012 – 2017), it is of utmost importance to look at the “quality” of higher-education and how it can be enhanced, to benefit the students and empower them to establish a smoother link with employment opportunities. While a student is now able to enroll in external educational agencies for additional support in technical training, it is to be noted that a “holistic approach of skill-development” is needed that forms the foundation of a strong link between education & employment. tweet


Holistic Approach To Togetherness

Graffiti by Graham Joyce

With 25.9 million students enrolled in more than 45,000 degree and diploma institutions in the country, India has witnessed particularly high growth in the last decade, with enrollment of students increasing at a CAGR of 10.8% and institutions at a CAGR of 9%. A noteworthy contribution has been made by the “private sector” that has played an instrumental role in this growth, with private institutions now accounting for 64% of the total number of institutions and 59% of enrollment in the country, as compared to 43% and 33%, respectively, a decade ago. The Government has also given the required thrust to the sector in its Five Year Plans. tweet


Angelic Princess

Sketching by Chandru Rakes


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