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Lets Celebrate Beauty!!!

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How would you define beauty nowadays?! We live in a society filled with so many norms about shapes, sizes and colour that we find it hard to be happy about ourselves.


 Digital Art by Kiran Kumar

But the funniest part is we can be so accepting that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes in the natural world, like in animals, plants, trees, and shrubs. But oh how difficult it is for us to accept that our bodies come in all shapes and sizes – and we are indeed beautiful!

Photography by Krrutiika Joshi

And there are norms like covering the whole body which apparently preserves beauty.


Sketching by Marie Bouldingue

I know this is so hard. I know this is such a challenge. But can we stop comparing ourselves to other women? Can we stop fantasizing that their lives are better, happier than ours because their thighs are thinner or their abs are flatter? wet-heart-290206

 Sketching by Dilshad Amaraweera

I am sure all of you are at some point envious of Emma’s fit body.

Sketching by Anton Cortes

But I would rather suggest you be envious of her smart mind and attitude than her looks and the fact that she’s the UN women goodwill ambassador. That sounds more amazing, don’t you think so?!


Digital Art by Satyaki Sarkar


 Painting by Whitney Wilkinson



Painting by Paulina Szczepaniak

Let’s put the focus where it belongs– on creating a life worth living. And in this life we are strong, independent, talented beautiful women who are not afraid to take on all the challenges life throws at us!. We take as good care of ourselves as we do the others in our lives. And because of that, we are beautiful!


Painting by Joy Chatterjee


 Sketching by Aashish Moga


 Digital Art by Rathod Jagadish

Look at Mother Teresa, or even our moms for example, they don’t sit around and complain about their looks. Probably if they did, we would have none to take care of us and feed us daily. The moment you forget that beauty is skin deep and start believing that beauty actually comes from the inside, then you are truly beautiful.


 Photography by Sanjib Debnath

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