Justice For Women: A National Prestige

It is often heard from the men of Indian society “Why do women need empowerment? They should be able to go get whatever they want”. Well, in India, women need empowerment, because they are DENIED empowerment. A simple logic must make the biggest sense, to non-sensical questions and lazy minds. This post aims to highlight the deep-rooted issue about women-empowerment and how it is actually a matter of National prestige. As Swami Vivekananda has said: “The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women, and and it is impossible to get back India’s lost pride and honor unless they try to better the condition of women”. tweet


Women. Treat Them With Respect.

Digital Art by Marius Mamora

How many of us wonder, why are women denied empowerment ? Why the people in authority scared of giving justice to a woman when she cries for help, just because a “physically more healthy” male has used the power of his “bones and muscles” to torture a woman ? The answer is: The authority will known to be “taking responsibility for its actions”. While it is a great virtue to take responsibility of one’s own actions, the authority bodies take it as a “personal loss to accept defeat”. So, that is the misconstrued mind-set nurtured by power-hungry section of society. tweet


Justice For Women. A Virtue.

Sketching by Rashi Sagar

The time is right, and most relevant at the moment, to see women as our own sisters and mothers. How will an authority figure act when his/her own sister or daughter gets raped/molested ? What does it take for older men, i.e. fathers and brothers to realize HOW it FEELs when women, i.e. daughters and sisters, get molested ? We must remember that while it is a SIN to DO INJUSTICE, it is an equal SIN to ACCEPT INJUSTICE. tweet


Feel The Pain.

Sketching by Jayesh Phadnis

You must always remember, dear governing bodies of States and State Universities, that, you are being watched, by the world. When you run away and do not give justice to a woman, you are being shamed by the entire world, and by the entire humanity. Your daughters, sisters, and mothers may forgive you, for you are their “blood”, but will you be able to sleep in peace when YOU KNOW that you are being INSINCERE and THE MOLESTED GIRL could be YOUR DAUGHTER ? How will you die in peace, with such a shame on you BY THE ENTIRE HUMANITY ? tweet


Humanity Wants Justice.

Photography by Bob Evans Sawkmie

Swami Vivekananda warned it is completely unfair to discriminate between sexes, as there is not any sex distinction in atman (soul), the soul has neither sex, nor caste nor imperfection. He suggested not to think that there are men and women, but only that there are human beings. Swami Vivekananda noticed almost everywhere women are treated as playthings. In modern countries like America, women have more independence, still, Vivekananda had noticed, men bow low, offer a woman a chair and in another breath they offer compliments like “Oh, how beautiful your eyes..” etc. Vivekananda felt, a man does not have any right to do this or venture so far, and any woman should not permit this as well. According to Swami Vivekananda such things develop the less noble side of humanity. They do not tend to noble ideals. tweet

As a concluding note, I’d say to all boys and men: Stop complimenting women about their bodily beauty. It is demeaning, and disrespectful to do so. Self-respecting men DO NOT INDULGE in such things. If you do not stop building such habits, in your extreme loss of sense, you will molest even your own sister. And, my humble request to all mothers of this nation: Please practise and preach value-education to your sons, for they must learn to RESPECT women, and NOT IDOLIZE their body parts. ‘Respecting women’ is a matter of National prestige. I hope we all understand that.

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