Is Photography a costly hobby?

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Now a days people are messaging me in Social Media and talking about photography most of them told me that photography is his/her hobby , I simply replayed if photography as a hobby is very costly and the next question from them is how can you say that?  So here is my point of view how photography is costly if it is a hobby. First is first  a person who engages in an activity solely for fun is called a ‘hobbyist’, it is something you like to do in your free time. It is not for money.

Photography as hobby

Now a days most of the people start there photography from mobile. So if it is a hobby which will always be from your phone so congratulation but believe me it is not like that after a time when you will upload your all pictures to your Facebook account, Instagram account you will get likes and comments from your friends and family and you will try your best to get more likes in social media. You will try to get macro or some low depth of field shoots then you will join some groups in social media most of the photographer will be weekend warrior in those Facebook group. You will try to get some more likes means you will try your best and will upload daily in groups.
Then you could watch hell lot of You-tube video and this will be the best time of learning because of curiosity you will understand someday that it is depth of field that will separate your subject and your background yes i am talking about that blur effect on background in photos. Then your mind will tell you to buy a point and shoot or a D-SLR. Point and shoot camera is not a choice for most of people they will buy a D-SLR. Most of the people will post on social media about which one i can buy in this-this price. Then they will get so many option from group and will buy a D-SLR.
Now remember you started from a mobile that was free now you have a D-SLR that mean at least ₹30,000-₹90,000 in your basic D-SLR. Some will buy a good one or some one will buy according to there budget. At least ₹40,000 for your D-SLR with 18-55 mm lens or 18-135 mm lens.
Come on! Now your hands are etching that how can you click something different from others and you will start your laptop and will Google or You tube some ideas or you can search how to click creative photos. You will start from very unique topic “Nature” that is very unique every ones first choice. Then suddenly you will be a nature lover and you will click some plants and will post with some nature lover quote. You will let every one knows about how people are hurting nature.

Then after a while you will search for new topic because you will understand everyone is clicking nature and it is not that unique that u were thinking in the starting. Then your friends will ask you to click them self so they can update there Facebook profile picture and cover photo. You will try your best and after a while you will get new friendship request from friends of friends. You will be a proud photographer. You will be a very imp person in your group because they are happy with your clicks. They don’t know what is wrong and what is right in the photo they are happy because you clicked their photo with blur background. Then after some time you will buy a 35 mm or 50 mm because you read somewhere that every photographer must have a 50 mm lens then you will understand that it is awesome lens because it is a cheap lens and will give you awesome low depth of field and sharpness.

So I will talk about basic price. Your D-SLR price is ₹40,000 + ₹6,000 for new 50 mm lens and then after sometime you will realize that a Zoom lens will be great for wild life photography. You will buy a good zoom lens like 70-300 mm or 50-250 mm and it will charge you like ₹20,000 to 40,000 but I am talking about basic price so ₹20,000 is fine for a zoom lens. So ₹40,000 + ₹6,000 +₹20,000. So for your hobby you have to invest like ₹66,000 at least. Then macro photography also a field people like to click so a macro lens and a ring flash and you have to buy a good camera bag. So it will be like ₹1,00,000 for your hobby or at least ₹66,000 is basic. 80-90% people will agree with me I guess.

It will never ends here you will never be happy with the equipment you already have you always want to buy a new lens or camera body or any camera equipment.

Then one day some one will ask in social group that “which camera I should buy?” And you will answer him.

Oops !!! I forgot about your photography page in social media. Your name photography.
It is totally my point of view let me know your view about this blog with your valuable comment.

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  • Roy

    You are so true. Even I have followed the same path but I got stuck in nature from last 2yrs & I love it. I have Nikon 5300 with a 18-55 & 70-300 so far. Recently got a 35mm 2nd hand lens with 4.5k if it helps me with natural low light photography when Tripod isn’t available + when I need better deapth of field especially during golden hrs. I guess reading some books & regular practice are two important things that has to be done on regular basis. I would love it hear more from you as I continue my journey as a (professional) landscape photographer.

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