The International Friendship Day Exhibition

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There’s a lot in the news right now. Images of the violence between Israel and Gaza are enough to make the heart bleed. The world is feeling a heightened sense of anxiety due to the conflict involving Russia and Ukraine. Scotland are wishing to separate from England due to a subtle sense of hatred. And that’s not mentioning the old age problems that the World has been facing for years now, such as the civil wars in Africa, and the oppression of Tibet.
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Any sensitive individual can’t help be driven crazy by it. Needless suffering on a day-to-day basis. Where is the peace in the world? Where is the friendship? tweet



Sadly, it isn’t on a global scale right now. That doesn’t mean it can’t be in our individual lives though. It can be. tweet

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On the 8th of August ends our International Friendship Day Exhibition. The exhibition has sought to strengthen ties between the members of tense nations, standing proudly behind the slogan, ‘Let’s make friends, not war.’ tweet

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Global creators were encouraged to submit their artwork to be included in the exhibition. Their art works has no restrictions, and is something completely personal to them, something which they feel encourages peace and friendship in the world in which they live. Each picture, every single one of thousands submitted, is soul-touching. The variety of colours, ideas, drawing styles and themes portrayed in them make them beautiful. The message behind them makes them spiritual. tweet

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The International Friendship Day Exhibition contains work from those on opposite ends of the spectrum. People whose countries are at war with each other have sent in their work as a clear message of defiance against politics and prejudice. Black, white, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Jew have gotten involved; and while location and philosophy may separate them, they all wish to show art and a desire for peace unites them. tweet

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The display is up for unlimited time, and is a must catch for anybody looking to have their faith in regular human beings restored.
We hope to see you there very soon, peaceful and well. Until then, allow us to leave you with the words written on a piece submitted by Chandra Budhiraju, “Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.” tweet

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