Inspirational Landscapes


Farmers Harvest

Photography by Rajjib Hassan

Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture, data, research, and analyses quantify agricultural productivity improvements, as well as the sources of improvement, in the US and globally. A major focus is on developing indices of productivity growth that accurately reflect changes in the quality and mix of both inputs and outputs in the agricultural production process. A beautifully photographed “farm” landscape gives us a perspective of the contribution of farmers towards the growth of a nation.


Introspective Reflection

Painting by Sadaf Shah

A beautiful painting of such a landscape really is heart-warming and inspires a soul for an instrospective reflection. Of the values of Life, how far have we come across, and how much to relish. The beautiful patio by the side of the cute-looking buildings, along with the small boats make us think of the journey of Life as such, and the many means we choose to cross the ocean of life. The perfectly painted reflection of the trees, buildings, and all nearby structures on the water give a transparent view of our souls. Souls that are potentially clean and divine. Such a beautiful landscape reflects the beautiful milieu of Life on earth.


Beautiful Horizon

Photography by Pablo Avila

And then, a landscape like this seems to take us back in time, to a place where we have the luxury to sit quiet and share some moments while watching the surrounding nature with awe. And if you notice the “lighter” shade of colours on the horizon, it simply signifies the long distance from the plain where we are viewing it from. As a 11-year old kid, I had once asked my teacher : If I want to show that a certain plain land is situated far from the ‘viewing’ location, how do I paint it ? And my teacher had replied : You paint with a “lighter” shade of colour. Such beauty of nature delights me, and I am grateful to my teacher who helped me broaden my perspective and enhance my knowledge in the field of my interest.

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