India Shining: Vision of Modi

Here is wishing the honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, a very happy birthday. Today, in this post, we will be inspired by his affirmative actions so far, and reflect upon the vision he has envisioned for India.


Happy Birthday Mr. Modi

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One of the foremost thrust of his actions has been to improve the educational model prevalent in higher education sector in India. In his recent meeting with the Directors of Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), he has emphasized upon collaborative approach with private engineering colleges and design Projects so as to solve local issues related to environment, health, agriculture, and others. tweet


Local Force

Painting by Manju Chaudhuri

One of the phenomenal progress that happened right after he took the Prime Ministerial charge is: More accountable working hours of all government officials in the Centre. A productive work-culture was definitely called for, and was long due. A centrally monitored workforce has its natural domino-effect across States and Divisional operations. He made efforts towards efficient functioning of his cabinet, by merging many Ministries into one, thereby getting rid of redundancies, and to inspire collaborative & dedicated hours for most projects on priority. tweet


India First

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While the election campaigns are all about capitalizing on ones’ strength, while pointing out mistakes of past parties in power, individual talents and lifestyles, which are indicative of one’s character, remain unknown to many. Here are some highlights of great qualities of Mr. Modi. tweet


Great Qualities.

Digital Art by Vysakh Sidharth

A subtle yet very important point to note is that, it is the greatness of a human being, that inspires Artistes to capture their essence in paintings, drawings, and other artworks. As they say, it is the impact that a human being leaves behind in one’s lifetime that inspires creativity, and sometimes, drives artistes to create masterpieces! tweet


Sketching of Mr. Modi

Sketching by Vaisakh Pradeep

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