How to pick excellent locations for travel photography

Travel photographers know the hardest part of their job is to choose an interesting location. To put it differently, being there would not serve any meaningful purpose if it lacks ambiance, character, and look regardless of how professional and updated the photographer and his tools are. Listing, comparing, and selecting an accurately balanced location that readily provides immense possibilities of try-outs and learning is important to enjoy travel photography, to add substance into the subject and to make those clicks count! This is a How to coverage on choosing excellent location for your travel photography. Must-read for beginners! If you found any tips unmentioned, please contribute with comment

Visit exhibitions: Photography exhibitions, workshops, showcases provide interesting inputs on ideal locations. Be picky about venues you can afford to venture. Understand the setting and effort invested in capturing those creative travel memories. To become better attuned with the location selection criteria, why not talk with the photographer? Best ideas are gathered when you choose to visit a theme-based exhibition. A theme which you love. For example; a holiday photography exhibition is a chance to learn ideal holiday locations.

The Internet: If it is nowhere, it has to be on the Internet. Leverage on the huge database of free resources available for public access. To narrow down your search on the most preferred locations, try keywords that define your interests. The Web is populated with so many guides, how tos and learning modules that choosing an ideal location would never be a tedious task. For best country-specific results, try the localized version of search engines. For example; a keyword titled ‘best travel location in Himachal Pradesh’ should return with customised results when searched on Google.in than Goggle.com

Google Earth: Learn where to venture, compare the odds, avail fresh perspective on the setting and surrounding, pick-zoom-research or do anything you wanted to do before going out there! Google Earth is a must have tool for adventurer. For a photographer who needs to add a dash of excitement to his discoveries, it is vital.

Tourist Information Centres: When visiting a foreign country, you can avail quality information about local venues from local information centres. The offices employ local resources who can guide you with perspective about places. Don’t hesitate to be informed. The more insider knowledge you get by asking questions, better you become enriched with data. The govt approved tourist information centres should have trusted information to share so you can be worry-free about the accuracy

Other resources on choosing location for travel photography

  • Ordnance survey maps
  • Country-specific location mapping services
  • Ask fellow photographers
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