How to know if your still life photography is working out well (benefits of still life photography)

While turning the pages of magazines, many a times we come across pictures that speak louder than words. The artistic way of articulating expressions with pictures is a great aspect of photography and is commonly known as “Still life photography”. Many people, in general either don’t know about it or even if they know then they are ignoring this amazing practice of creativity. However, it cannot be ignored that it is an art of capturing “moments of life” which is definitely a creative skill and moreover, one of the most satisfying aspect of photography.

Taking still life photography as a profession demands artistic view, creative skills, photographic skills and patience. Yes, you heard it right it also demands patience. A pleasing result of a still life photograph can take one complete day or even couple of days to get a perfectly right shot and that too without any exaggeration and irritation. Now, isn’t it tedious and hectic? In still life photography, it is not just camera that plays a vital role in shooting. Lights, angles and positions are the other relevant aspects, in depth study of which can help a budding photographer in honing up his/her basic photographic skills.
Acknowledged and appreciated worldwide by many renowned amateurs; Undoubtedly Still life photography is a prestigious and commendable profession. Some of the add ons of still life photography are:

They can tell a story
A single shot is enough to reveal a story. And if not a story, at least it can give viewer an idea of the subject. Even a single object can give thousands way of shooting and presenting. And each shot has a different expression of communication. A photographer just need to have an active creative mind and he is all set to produce some fantastic and pleasing results.

It is an art
Learning still life photography as your hobby or as your profession is not a rocket science thing to do. You don’t need to remember scientific formulas or calculate complex digits to attain its mastery. All you need to know is some basics of angle shooting, understanding of camera’s tools, accessories and its related function and use of lights and its effects. Once you have all this knowledge, it then only practice that can make you more perfect in your work. Remember that idiom that says: Practice makes a man perfect!!

Shots of still life photography are lively and vibrant
No other aspect of photography can be so interesting and fascinating like still life photography. Striking postures, pleasing outcomes can make the outcome look more enchanting, lively and vibrant. The exotic composition of still life photographs make them look picture perfect. A single shot of still life photography is capable enough of revealing the whole story.

The term “photography” might sound an easy thing to do but for sure it is not as easy as it sounds. It is surely not a rocket science but taking it as a profession can surely juggle your creativity and experimentation instinct.

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