How to begin your photojournalism career?

Photojournalists are a rare breed – usually occupied in their work, crafting pricey gears for a new venture, discovering breakthrough leads for impressing stubborn editors. Those who know how to sweep competitors away and make their work sellable stay. Those who don’t are lost and forgotten unsung and unhonored. A good photojournalist earns quite an impressive wage or handsome monthly salary (based on his nature of employability), but that requires him to know how to stand out, and remain relevant to industry. This is a how to coverage on breaking into photojournalism If you have been thinking to give the career a try,

Checklist: I love photography:

No photographer is a professional photographer if photography is not his love. It doesn’t make sense for a photojournalist to stick in to the profession for he has a degree in photography. A degree is fine, but to breath and live photography, you need to love it. Best photojournalists are hobbyist turned photographer turned professional journalist. So, to become a successful photojournalist, it is important you have a natural inclination to it, rather than professional.

Learn what’s in news: When you demarcate yourself from a common photographer to a photojournalist, you need to stay updated with what makes news. A native dog barking over a herd of innocent cattle intruders into a locality is commonality, but a cow wiping out a pack of dog is something that rarely gets a shot.

Feel movements, focus on people: To start off your career as a photojournalist, the best launch pad is streets, places that are occupied with people. The point is you need to catch the visual movements connecting things that are importantly interesting. Watch people in hurry, people in action, people at work and you would never have to worry about opportunities to impress your editors, (see the next point)

Don’t give up on rejection: If you don’t have an insider connection, or if your luck is unfavoring, it is not uncommon to expect a series if rejection from editors; if you are completely new. But if you lose hope, you never rise. Shoot the best pictures and send to editors. Quality and consistently would never disappoint you

Other tips:

Make your work available. Choose a medium to reach people

Portfolio your work

Socialize your skill

Be attentive to places that are in news

Wait for our next coverage on how to choose ideal places to shoot quality pictures

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